Explore New Markets.

Expand Your Horizons.

Get Expat Advice.

Explore New Markets.

Expand Your Horizons.

Get Expat Advice.

One-on-one support to grow your business in NZ and the EU

Explore New Markets.

for NZ businesses exploring opportunities in the EU

The European Union is the second largest economy in the world. By some accounts, it’s the largest. There are an incredible number of opportunities for NZ businesses to reach new customers in the EU. There are also important cultural and trade considerations to be sure that importing to the EU is going to be profitable for your business.

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At Pacific & Beyond we help you determine whether there’s demand for your product in the European market and connect you with potential distributors and retailers. Through our extensive business network in the EU, we can also present your product to potential partners. Think of Pacific & Beyond as your European sales manager that you don’t need to employ.

Expand Your Horizons.

for EU businesses exploring opportunities in NZ

New Zealand is an incredible market for testing products and determining their viability on a global scale. With a growing population of expats, it can also be an additional source of revenue to build towards future growth. At Pacific & Beyond Consulting, we have direct experience importing products from the EU and building relationships with distributors and retailers in New Zealand.

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Whether you are exploring the possibility of selling your products or services in NZ, or you want to improve your existing footprint, we’ve got the expertise and sales knowledge to help your business grow. We’ll check to determine the demand for your products in the New Zealand market and reach out to potential distributors and retailers on your behalf.

Get Expat Advice.

for Families and Businesses considering moving to NZ

Get unbiased advice on moving to New Zealand from a German expat. Ralph Schwaiger, founder of Pacific & Beyond Consulting, provides families and businesses with a realistic view of the latest cultural and economic trends in NZ – before you move.

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With lessons gathered from his own experience moving his family, including two daughters in primary school, Ralph helps individuals, families, and businesses from the EU evaluate their decision to move. Starting a Kiwi business has its own share of lessons, and Ralph’s got plenty of advice from his experience in business as well.


Ralph Schwaiger is a businessman and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building partnerships with distributors and retailers in the European Union. In addition to running Pacific & Beyond Consulting, he is the cofounder of Change to Green with his wife Claudia. They live with their two daughters in Tauranga, NZ.

Trust, honesty and compassion are all important to Ralph. He works closely with companies to ensure they achieve revenue growth, and works only with companies who share his same commitment to treating their customers, business partners and the environment with respect.

Business owners and executives hire Ralph because of his expertise in EU and NZ markets. They continue to work with him because of his personal approach and proven ability to generate valuable business insights and results.


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What does Pacific & Beyond Consulting do?

We offer business intelligence and market research, or act as a sales or commercial agent for EU businesses that are exploring the New Zealand market. With over a decade of experience and an extensive business network in the EU, we also help NZ businesses seeking to export their products and build partnerships with distributors and retailers in the EU.

In addition to market research, consulting, and sales support for EU and NZ businesses, Pacific & Beyond Consulting provides advice for individuals, families and businesses who are planning to move to NZ. We give you unbiased advice on the cultural and economic climate, to help you clearly evaluate your decision, before you move.

While we love helping our clients sell their products, Pacific & Beyond is not a distributor. We don’t buy or stock any products. We can help you locate resources for importing and exporting, but we do not handle customs duties or logistics.

What types of companies does Pacific & Beyond work with?

At Pacific & Beyond we love helping businesses that want to make a difference in the world. We work with mid-sized and large businesses that have proven products and existing revenue. We don’t work with companies that exploit people or the environment, or engage in unethical business practices.

Who is Pacific & Beyond Consulting?

Pacific & Beyond Consulting is run by Ralph Schwaiger, a businessman, entrepreneur and environmentalist. In addition to his own experience, Ralph draws on an extensive network of subject matter experts worldwide. Ralph provides a personal touch and deep industry experience to provide strategy and solutions for businesses to succeed.

Where is Pacific & Beyond Consulting located?

Pacific & Beyond is located in Tauranga, NZ. Ralph is a German expat who made the move to New Zealand. When his feet aren’t on the ground in New Zealand, you can find him in various EU countries creating business opportunities for his clients, or in the air flying to his next destination.